I Don't Know What It Is But These New Pics Of Nicolas Cage Broke My Brain

Don't ask me why, don't ask me how, but I came across this pic of Nicolas Cage at the premiere for his new movie Running With The Devil and my brain went all mushy inside.

This Couple Just Got Engaged, And Their Photo Shoot Is Both Hilarious And Awesome

Getting engaged is a huge step for every couple out there, no matter if you’re planning on having a small ceremony in a forest clearing or a grand ball in a mansion.

Jonah Hill Is Getting Married And No One Will Have Better Wedding Vows

This will warm your heart: Jonah Hill has found true love and is officially engaged. The streetwear king has proposed to his streetwear queen, girlfriend Gianna Santos.

Jennifer Lopez Had A Photoshoot On Her Yacht And It's Literally Real Life Vs. Instagram

Jennifer Lopez is on a yacht in St. Tropez and did a personal photoshoot standing on the diving board of her boat. Looks like a nice time.

Dramatic Moment Police take down Tristan Wix who allegedly threatened to commit mass shooting

A 25-year-old man has been arrested at gunpoint and charged with making threats to commit a mass shooting.

Jeffrey Epstein apparently bought women’s panties while in jail

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was able to buy two pairs of small women’s panties from a jail shop while serving time for sex offenses, according to bombshell new documents.

Holocaust survivor, 89, weds woman nearly 50 years younger

Holocaust survivor Jack Garfein, 89, said “I do” to his 42-year-old bride, Natalia Repolovsky, last Sunday on the Upper West Side.

How do viruses jump from animals to humans?

Farmers reported feverish hogs with inflamed eyes and running snouts. But while fair officials worried about the pigs, the Maryland department of health was concerned about a group of sick fairgoers.

An Economist Won The Lottery 14 Times By Buying Every Number Combination

There used to be a way to play the lottery where you were guaranteed to win, and one man figured out how to do it.

46 Of The Best Celebrity FaceApp Photos

It looks like the entire Internet’s gone crazy with the FaceApp challenge and everyone’s rushing to post their senior selfies online. It’s awesome knowing that we’ll still be good looking and fabulous when we’re retired.

Entirely for your pleasure, here is another list of celebrities that had the FaceApp old age filter applied to them.