Catherine Zeta-Jones: 'It's just a wonderful time for television'
Catherine Zeta-Jones: 'I'm always looking for that next role'
Harry Connick Jr. recalls 'tough five years' after wife's cancer diagnosis
Video Shows Vegas Gunman Before Mass Shooting
'E.T.' top for 'Ready Player One' stars
ShowBiz Minute: Norton, Yelchin, Prince
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If you want to stay safe, you must delete these apps immediately!

A lot of malicious apps are still available on Play Store. Some of them can share your personal information, collect the data from your phone, or even steal money from your bank account! 

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This Puppy With A Strangely Human Face Is Freaking Out The Internet

A 1-year-old puppy is freaking out a lot of people on the internet because of his oddly human face.

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Can You Guess How Old This Korean Dentist Is?

let's meet the female version in Korea. Lee Soo Jin, a dentist from South Korea, is probably the world’s youngest-looking 50-year-old female.

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