Model Offered $1M for Sex, Promises to Message Fans Who Make Her Smile
Aug 02 2023

A model from Texas, Jenna Lee, shared some racy snaps on her Instagram account, asking her 2.2 million followers to pick their favorite. She also challenged them to make her smile in three words in the comments section. The post, featuring Jenna in a tiny top and white thong outside a picturesque countryside property, has received nearly 7,000 likes.

The post was captioned by the model with: "1 or 2? Make me smile in 3 words. Good responses get a DM."

Unsurprisingly, the comments section became lively with the offer of a personal message from the attractive blonde model. One fan described her as a "goddess." Another fan responded with "Hold my beer." A third admirer simply stated, "Amazing you are."

A fourth person broke the three-word rule and compared her to Britney Spears, saying, "It's giving me a Britney Spears hit me baby one more time vibe." Another rule breaker couldn't help but comment, "How is it possible to look so delicious? Goddess."

Jenna has recently started sharing posts about mental health and well-being.

In a previous post, Jenna shared a provocative video to distract her Instagram followers from negative scrolling habits.

Once again, posing in minimal clothing outside a countryside cottage, the model captioned the video: "Stop doom scrolling and leave a heart emoji if you're watching this from bed."

The model made headlines before when she revealed that she was once offered $1 million (£760,000) for a steamy encounter with a suitor.

Jenna, an individual who earns a comfortable income by selling explicit photos online, revealed that a hedge fund manager offered to make her a millionaire in return for sexual favors. In a separate recent update, she kept her word and posted a video of a provocative lingerie shoot in her kitchen after receiving 1,000 comments on the gallery from her fans.