Island Boys Slapped in Chaotic Fousey Livestream, Sparks Massive Brawl
Aug 27 2023

During a recent influencer meet-up, tensions escalated and a fight broke out among the group. The gathering included popular influencers such as Island Boys, N3on, Fousey, Jack Doherty, and Konvy.

Specifically, Fousey and his crew had arranged to meet with the Island Boys to engage in more random boxing sessions at a house. However, as the meet-up progressed, things took a wild turn.

During the stream, there was a moment where Konvy stood between the Island Boys while interacting with N3on, who was lying on the couch.

One of the Island Boys tells Konvy, "Don't touch me, bro," to which Konvy responds by pushing him. The heated exchange escalates as they hurl expletives at each other, while the bodyguards step in to contain the situation and keep them apart.

Eventually, the twins attempt to attack Konvy, warning each other not to lay a hand on them. In a moment of frustration, Konvy slaps one of the Island Boys, resulting in him being forcefully pushed out of the house by the bodyguards.

Fans show support for Konvy's defense of N3on

Following the dramatic events of the live stream, many fans have voiced their admiration for Konvy's decision to stand up for N3on.

"I can't believe how insane that whole situation was, but I have to give credit to Konvy for defending N3on," one fan commented. "Konvy has earned my respect, he's truly being himself," another fan expressed.

There were some who believed that it was all fake.

Another Twitter user expressed, "“FAKE, this N3on, Kovey and Island Boys drama was fake AF.”

This is not the first time one of Fousey’s streams takes a wild turn. During a recent subathon on Kick, the streamer was seen walking in the middle of a busy freeway.