Ex-McDonald’s Chef: Don't Order Big Mac
Sep 02 2023
A former McDonald's chef named 'Chef Mike Haracz' has become popular on TikTok for sharing his knowledge of the fast-food chain. In a recent video, he revealed some hacks on how to order a Big Mac correctly. Despite no longer being employed by McDonald's, Haracz continues to offer advice to his 191.4K followers. The video has gone viral, with fans sharing their own tips and tricks for ordering at McDonald's in the comments section.

The Big Mac has been a staple on the McDonald's menu since 1967, when it was first introduced in Uniontown, Pennsylvania for just $0.45. Over the past fifty years, the Big Mac has remained one of the most popular sandwiches in fast food history, with its iconic combination of two all-beef patties, cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce, special sauce, and a sesame seed bun. However, former McDonald's chef Haracz recently shared a hack on TikTok for ordering a "superior" version of the Big Mac at a cheaper price. He suggests ordering a "McDouble like a Mac," which is essentially a Big Mac but without the middle bun. This allows customers to enjoy the same flavors and ingredients of a Big Mac but for about $2 less. So, next time you visit McDonald's, consider trying out this hack and ordering a "McDouble like a Mac" for a more affordable and equally delicious alternative to the classic Big Mac.

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In order to get a Big Mac at a more reasonable price, Haracz shared a video demonstrating how to assemble a "McDouble like a Mac." The video showcased all the typical Big Mac ingredients, such as cheese, lettuce, onion, and Mac sauce, but with two beef patties and no middle bun slice.

Haracz also encouraged customers to visit a different McDonald's location if their current one refused to prepare the burger according to their preferences.

Many customers took to the comments section to share their own McDonald's hacks. One suggestion was to place an order using the app code at the drive-thru window, allowing the order to be saved in the app for future reordering convenience.

Another customer revealed their go-to McDonald's order, which consisted of a McDouble with only Mac sauce. They referred to it as a "ghetto Mac" and had been ordering it for over 15 years.

Another viewer shared their experience with ordering a "McDouble like a Mac," noting that each additional ingredient now costs $0.25. Consequently, the total cost ends up being the same as a regular Big Mac.