Hairdresser's Lingerie Outfit Sparks Controversy
Sep 17 2023

A Thai hairdresser took marketing ploys to another level by wearing lingerie to work. Last week, a video of the beauty salon owner's unique tactics went viral on social media. While these methods may not be encouraged at beauty school, there's no denying the attention they have generated. The advert shows the hairstylist, in nothing but bright red lingerie, working with a customer. The caption reads: "Come on, let's do my hair. I'm ready."

There were a group of men who were quite excited about the video and even made jokes about needing to get their hair done. However, a woman who seemed concerned warned other wives not to let their husbands go there.

Eventually, the woman, who is an employee at Madame Hair Colour in Phetchabun, Thailand, made this decision to attract more customers during the challenging rainy season.

The filming itself took place on a day when not a single customer had walked through the door. The crew gathered together to brainstorm ideas, and they ultimately decided on showcasing lingerie.

However, some may argue that she is misleading men by wearing lingerie for the filming, as she doesn't actually dress like that during her regular work hours. The lingerie was solely worn for marketing purposes.

As a result, customers who expect to see her in that particular attire may be disappointed when they encounter her in standard clothing.

Although she occasionally receives strange looks, she doesn't let it bother her. She focuses on her customers' hair and tries not to dwell on anything else.

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