Woman Mistakenly Brushes Teeth with Hemorrhoid Cream
Oct 01 2023

The internet is filled with hilarious videos that capture unplanned or chaotic moments. Shows like America's Funniest Videos and platforms like TikTok are known for sharing such clips that make people laugh uncontrollably. Currently, a woman's viral video on TikTok showcases her daily bathroom routine going disastrously awry, and it has become a massive hit among viewers.

Tiktoker @ren_talli had a completely normal start to her day. She went to the restroom to freshen up and accidentally grabbed Preparation H instead of toothpaste. Preparation H is a treatment for hemorrhoids, not toothpaste. She showed in her video how similar the two products were in her bag, and it was an honest mistake.

She quickly realized her error and started rinsing her teeth with water and wiping them with a cloth to remove the treatment. The video has gone viral on TikTok, receiving over 11 million views. It is now her most successful video on the platform.


Preparation 0

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Thousands of responses have flooded the comments section of the video from users on the platform.

While many found it extremely funny, others shared their own relatable stories of similar mistakes in an attempt to console her.

Believe it or not, mistaking toothpaste for something else in the bathroom, such as icy hot or denture glue, is surprisingly common.