ITV's Hidden Jungle Sex Cave Uncovered
Nov 19 2023

The latest season of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! premiered on Sunday night (November 19) and it seems there is a hidden surprise for the campmates.

Among the star-studded lineup, including Nigel Farage, Josie Gibson, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Fred Sirieix, there is reportedly a secret cave on the set where the celebrities can escape for some private time.

Show producer Oli Nash revealed that there is a secluded spot next to the shower area, accessible through a locked door, which will be used multiple times throughout the series.

So, if any of the single campmates are in need of some solitude in the jungle, they might just be in luck.

"The cave may appear plain from the outside, but inside, it holds a simple bench. This unassuming space will serve as a backdrop for a multitude of events throughout the series. While the floor may be a bit hard, it has the potential to set the stage for romance."

"However, amidst the fears and struggles of jungle life, love often finds a way to flourish. One of the most memorable relationships to blossom in this setting was between Katie Price and Peter Andrew. Their journey began in 2004, marked by endless flirting and soothing massages."

If the lovebirds had joined the show in 2016, 12 years later, they would have had the opportunity to have their rendezvous in private due to the introduction of the cave.

One of the most surprising discoveries about the show's set is that the waterfall, where the celebrities undress to their revealing bikinis, is not genuine.

After her time in the jungle in 2006, former campmate Lauren Booth admitted, "The waterfall, along with the pool beneath it, was not a natural part of the jungle but a fabricated construction."

The Mirror was told by her, "Except if, of course, rainforest waterfalls are switched off from three to six every afternoon."

During that year, David Guest discovered that the camp's boulders were hollow and appeared to be made of papier-mâché.

The start of I'm A Celebrity is scheduled for Sunday night at 9pm on ITV and ITVX.