Crystal Hefner reveals Playboy Mansion's 'peep holes' witnessed scandalous celebrity orgies in Hef's bed
Jan 20 2024

Hugh Hefner's widow, Crystal Hefner, has revealed disturbing details about what went on in his bedroom. In her new memoir, "Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy and Finding Myself," Crystal disclosed that Hefner had cameras installed in the room, capturing everything that occurred, including the sexual encounters of the rich and famous.

When questioned about the purpose of the cameras, Hefner nonchalantly admitted to his extensive collection of VHS tapes, boasting about the hours of explicit footage he had amassed. Shockingly, Crystal discovered that even "A-list celebrities" engaging in "wild orgies," some of whom were married, were completely unaware that their actions were being recorded in the Playboy Mansion.

Crystal, a California-born model who lived with Hefner, does not believe she was constantly monitored but admits that there was very little privacy. She recalls seeing carved wood panels with a circular cutout, which she believes may have been used for surveillance cameras.

Additionally, Crystal claims that Hefner took intimate photos of women using a disposable camera and stored thousands of them in a shoebox. Years later, she discovered these photos in the attic of the Beverly Hills property and decided to destroy them.

With approximately 70 staff members who had access to open any drawers at any time, Crystal believes that Hefner did not prioritize people's privacy. Taking matters into her own hands, she tore up all the photos, considering what she would want done if she were in them.

The Playmate first met Hef at a Halloween party at the Los Angeles mansion when she was 21 years old. They had sex a few hours later, which she described as unremarkable. However, she felt that her youth was taken away from her that night. They eventually got married five years later when she was 26 and he was 86.

Crystal claimed that she had to compete with Hef's other girlfriends in order to become his third and final wife. She also mentioned that there were strict rules imposed on her life. Living in the Mansion, she had a curfew of 6pm and felt pressured to dress and present herself in a specific manner. Additionally, she was expected to participate in Hef's sexual fantasies.

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Crystal was by Hef's side when he passed away in 2017, but she soon realized how toxic the environment she lived in was after undergoing years of therapy.

In an interview with the Post, the former Playmate revealed that the facade and everything began to unravel, as everyone was essentially kissing an 80-year-old.

Crystal has now come to the realization that it is acceptable to speak up and not be okay with the things she has experienced.

She acknowledges that she suppressed her intuition or the little voice that guides right from wrong while at the Mansion, but now she is learning to listen to it more.

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