Meryl Streep's Nude Scene Makes Leonardo DiCaprio Uncomfortable
Feb 05 2024

Co-star Leonardo DiCaprio was reportedly uncomfortable with Meryl Streep's "nude" scene in the Netflix film Don't Look Up. The scene, which left viewers stunned, featured Streep's character, President Janie Orlean, appearing naked. However, it was later revealed that a body double was used for the scene.

Despite this, DiCaprio, who played the film's protagonist Dr. Randall Mindy, had reservations about seeing what seemed to be Streep naked. According to the film's director Adam McKay, DiCaprio holds Streep in such high regard as a three-time Oscar winner and a significant figure in the history of film that he had difficulty with the idea.

According to McKay, DiCaprio expressed his disapproval of seeing her with the back tattoo. The director recounted their conversation, stating that DiCaprio questioned the necessity of showing it.

McKay defended the decision, explaining that the tattoo was for the character President Orlean, not Meryl Streep. However, Streep remained unfazed and did not mention it, displaying her fearless nature.

In the movie, Meryl portrays a president who draws inspiration from Trump and disregards Mindy's desperate requests to alert humanity about an imminent comet that will devastate Earth.

Towards the end of Don't Look Up, Janie shocks everyone by removing her clothes to unveil a colossal tattoo on her lower back.

Many viewers were convinced that Streep actually appeared nude and flocked to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their disbelief about the scene. One person wrote: "Meryl Streep was naked at the end of [Don't Look Up]...I'm not sure if that was real, but I never expected to see Meryl Streep that exposed in my life..."

Another viewer commented: "You actually get to see Meryl Streep naked...I never thought there would come a time when I would witness Meryl Streep's tattooed bare bottom on screen and live to talk about it. The movie was truly amazing."

Another individual expressed being "overwhelmed with emotion" upon witnessing the scene, while another person was taken aback, stating, "I never imagined I would see Meryl Streep completely naked, with a tramp stamp and all."

Additionally, someone mentioned that the scene was quite unexpected during their tea time.

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