Fans claim politician 'stole my taxes and my heart' with sale of provocative photos
Feb 06 2024

A politician is facing criticism for earning money through explicit photos while under house arrest for alleged fraud charges. Camila Polizzi, a former mayoral candidate in Concepción, Chile, created an account on Arsmate after her Instagram followers requested adult content.

The 35-year-old, known for sharing bikini and glamorous photos online, reportedly responded to the demand by opening the account. She even promoted the site on her Instagram Stories, informing her followers that she would exclusively share content on her private Arsmate account.

Now, her followers will have to pay £19.10 ($24) per month to access her provocative pictures.

Polizzi's decision to make money from the site known as the "Chilean OnlyFans" while being under house arrest has sparked anger among some individuals.

However, others have taken a more lighthearted approach and have jokingly commented on her financial endeavors on her Instagram account.

One individual expressed their disapproval, stating, "She has taken money from the less fortunate."

Another person humorously remarked, "You have taken my taxes, and now you have stolen my heart. Go ahead and take it all!"

Yet another individual added, "Go ahead and embezzle my entire life."

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Polizzi is currently being investigated for her suspected role in the transfer of public funds from the Bío Bío Government to the En Ti Foundation.

Alongside her former partner, the politician and four others have been accused of various crimes, including fraud, identity theft, falsification of public documents, misuse of said documents, money laundering, and embezzlement.

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