Gran-of-10's Adult Site Success: Fans Embrace Imperfections
Feb 11 2024

A grandmother who previously sold used underwear is now making a substantial income on adult platforms, earning six figures. RubyLynne initially began her venture by selling various undergarments, such as panties, leggings, bras, and socks, to her admirers online.

However, her range of panties priced at $80 (£63) remains the most popular among her fans. The 57-year-old from Portland, Oregon, has been involved in the adult industry for approximately 15 years and started selling dirty panties as a means to earn extra money for travel.

At the peak of her vending service, she would be fully booked for six weeks in advance, with customers purchasing daily worn underwear.

The bold and daring grandmother has capitalized on her dedicated following. She disclosed, "Men who purchased my underwear started requesting videos or other explicit content involving them." She then decided to sell these videos herself.

Currently, the adult performer creates provocative videos either alone or with partners, and she earns a substantial income from fetish-related content. She proudly claims to be one of the highest-earning individuals on OnlyFans.

"I was genuinely surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response I received," she expressed.

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RubyLynne, who transitioned to the adult industry at the age of 53, believes that mature creators offer a unique perspective due to their life experiences.

According to her, their fan base appreciates their imperfections such as scars or stretch marks, as they are not seeking perfection.

Additionally, she finds it positive that individuals from diverse backgrounds are becoming interested in the industry.

She also mentioned that achieving her current success required a significant amount of effort. "I believe in supporting individuals, regardless of gender, in pursuing their passions and dreams. However, it's important for people to understand that building an online presence and gaining a following takes time and hard work. Many people mistakenly view it as a quick way to get rich, but that's not the case.

Prior to working in the adult content industry full-time, I was a social worker. I actually juggled both jobs for two-and-a-half years to ensure stability in my adult content business before giving up the guaranteed income from my corporate job."

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