Nicki Minaj Cancels Amsterdam Show Following Drug Arrest
Jun 02 2024

Following her recent arrest in Amsterdam for allegedly carrying drugs, Nicki Minaj has made the decision to cancel her upcoming show in the European city. The announcement was made by concert promoter Mojo, stating that the show scheduled for Sunday, 2nd June at Ziggo Dome will no longer be taking place. Fans who purchased tickets will be refunded at the point of sale.

Despite the cancellation, Nicki Minaj has not addressed the situation on social media, leaving her fans disappointed and seeking answers.

One critic expressed their frustration, stating, "Cancelling the Amsterdam concert is already a disappointment, but not even releasing a statement? Just give us a personal acknowledgment. I'm regretting the time I've spent being her fan."

Another fan who had traveled from India to Europe to see the rapper perform shared their disappointment, saying, "We are upset that it didn't happen the way we imagined. We were really excited and looking forward to it."

Despite reaching out to Minaj's representative for comment, there has been no immediate response. The rapper has maintained a low profile since the incident, with photos showing her hiding under a hoodie in her car.

When initially taken into custody, Minaj took to social media to address the situation, claiming that the police found weed in her possession without her consent. She also posted a video of the incident where she can be heard protesting to a police officer.

After being arrested on suspicion of exporting soft drugs, Minaj was released a few hours later with the condition of paying a fine. The incident caused a delay in her travel schedule, leading to the postponement of her tour stop in Manchester, England.

Despite the setbacks, Minaj expressed gratitude to her fans for their support and prayers. She also shared posts highlighting the 2021 arrest of Ari Lennox in Amsterdam, calling for a reevaluation of touring in the city for black artists.

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