Candace Cameron Bure's Son Lev and New Wife Steal Hearts on Italian Getaway
Jun 19 2024

Candace Cameron Bure recently delighted fans with a rare peek into her family vacation in Italy, where her eldest son Lev and his new wife, Elliott Bure, stole the spotlight with their undeniable charm and happiness.

During an Instagram Story Q&A session about their European getaway, a curious follower inquired about Elliott's presence, to which the "Full House" star joyfully confirmed, "Yes! Cutie pies."

The actress shared a heartwarming snapshot of the beaming 24-year-old Lev seated beside his partner at a dinner table, radiating love and contentment in each other's company.

Lev and Elliott tied the knot in January, a momentous occasion that Cameron Bure celebrated on social media, expressing her gratitude for gaining a "beautiful daughter" and an extended family to share life's journey with.

The wedding festivities came shortly after Lev's engagement announcement, marking a new chapter in his life. The "Fuller House" star had previously shared her excitement about her son's impending nuptials, highlighting the joy that the union brought to their family.

Prior to his marriage to Elliott, Lev had called off an engagement with Taylor Hutchison, a decision that Cameron Bure addressed with grace and understanding, emphasizing that no one was left heartbroken by the turn of events.

Cameron Bure and her husband Valeri Bure, who have been married since 1996, have navigated the highs and lows of relationships, setting an example of enduring love and commitment for their children.

Aside from Lev, the couple shares two more children, daughter Natasha, 25, and son Maksim, 22, forming a tight-knit family unit built on love, respect, and shared values.

Reflecting on their 25th wedding anniversary, Cameron Bure shared the secrets to their lasting marriage, emphasizing the importance of grace, communication, intimacy, laughter, patience, and above all, love in action.

She credited God as the "secret sauce" that binds their union together, infusing their relationship with strength, faith, and unwavering support through life's challenges and triumphs.

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