Harry Jowsey's Steamy Cannes Connection: Who is Madeline Argy?
Jun 20 2024

Netflix heartthrob Harry Jowsey has set tongues wagging with his recent escapades at the Cannes Lions Festival, where he was spotted getting cozy with British influencer Madeline Argy at the exclusive Spotify Beach events.

Exclusive video footage obtained by sources captures the "Too Hot to Handle" star, 27, and the 23-year-old influencer sharing intimate moments after Arcade Fire's electrifying set in the picturesque South of France. Jowsey, flaunting his chiseled physique in a white tank top, and Argy, exuding elegance in a chic black dress, were seen engrossed in conversation while peering at Jowsey's phone.

Further fueling speculation, Jowsey and Argy were spotted posing closely together alongside social media luminaries like Alix Earle, Markell Washington, Braxton Berrios, and others during the star-studded soirée.

The previous night, at Spotify Beach's star-studded concert featuring Benson Boone, Shaboozey, Martin Garrix, and Tyla, Jowsey and Argy shared a candid moment as Jowsey affectionately wrapped his arm around Argy's back for a cozy snapshot on a couch.

While representatives for Jowsey and Argy have remained tight-lipped on the budding romance rumors, the chemistry between the former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant and the "Pretty Lonesome" podcast host seems palpable. Argy, who previously dated UK rapper Central Cee, appears to have caught Jowsey's eye amidst the glitz and glamour of Cannes.

However, the plot thickens as Jowsey's ongoing romance with "Love Is Blind" beauty Jessica "Jess" Vestal unfolds on Netflix's "Perfect Match." In a recent TikTok post, Jowsey shared a heartwarming moment with Vestal, hinting at a future together with the caption, "I can't wait to grow old with her," accompanied by the hashtag "#perfectmatch."

The endearing video showcases Jowsey and Vestal playfully embracing while using a filter that ages them, with Vestal sticking her tongue out playfully before resting her head on Jowsey's chest, evoking a sense of enduring love and companionship.

As fans speculate on Jowsey's true "perfect match," the allure of his connection with Argy at Cannes adds a tantalizing twist to his romantic narrative. With sparks flying and hearts fluttering, the Cannes escapade promises a whirlwind of emotions and possibilities for the charismatic reality star.

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