23-Year-Old Cheerleader Claps Back at Critics of Her Relationship with 72-Year-Old Bill Belichick: "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number!"
Jun 23 2024

Jordon Hudson, a 23-year-old cheerleader, has finally spoken out against the backlash she's been facing due to her relationship with 72-year-old former New England Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick.

In a bold move, Hudson took to her personal Facebook account to subtly defend her May-December romance with Belichick after a critic accused her of being a "gold digger" and labeled Belichick as an "old pedophile."

Responding to the judgmental comment, another individual fired back, asking, "Who are you to judge?" They pointed out that Hudson is a legal adult and questioned the basis of the criticism.

The defender continued, suggesting that those making disparaging remarks might be projecting their own insecurities onto Hudson and Belichick. They emphasized that everyone deserves to live their lives without facing unwarranted scrutiny.

Despite the public scrutiny, Hudson showed her support for the defender's remarks by liking them on the social media platform.

This subtle gesture marks Hudson's first response to the public's reaction to her controversial relationship, which was recently brought to light.

Reports surfaced that Hudson and Belichick had been quietly dating since 2022, following Belichick's split from his long-term girlfriend, Linda Holliday.

The couple allegedly first crossed paths in 2021 during a chance encounter on a flight from Florida to Boston, where Belichick reportedly autographed Hudson's college textbook.

Since news of their relationship broke, several commentators have criticized the couple, with some expressing shock and disapproval.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, a devoted Patriots fan, reacted with "Yikes. Ew. Wow" upon learning about the relationship, while comedian Joy Behar made light-hearted jokes about the significant age gap on "The View."

However, amidst the criticism, one unexpected supporter emerged in the form of Hudson's 64-year-old ex-boyfriend, Joshua L. Zuckerman.

Zuckerman praised Hudson's maturity and urged the public to respect her privacy, em

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