Ariana Grande's Hilarious Reaction to Brother's Post-Nose Job Selfie Will Make You LOL!
Jul 10 2024

When it comes to sibling support, Ariana Grande takes it to a whole new level! Recently, the pop sensation publicly cheered on her brother, Frankie Grande, after he shared a rather unique post-nose job selfie. And let's just say, her reaction was nothing short of hilarious!

In a world where social media is flooded with picture-perfect posts, Frankie decided to keep it real by posting a selfie that showcased his bruised and bloodied face post-rhinoplasty. But leave it to Ariana to sprinkle some humor and love into the mix!

"perfect in all ways, always!!!!" commented the "Boy Is Mine" singer on Frankie's Instagram post, complete with emojis of a teddy bear and a seedling. Talk about sibling goals!

After the nose job, Frankie, the Broadway star, flaunted his post-surgery look with pride. The selfie revealed bruised eyelids, a cast over his nose bridge, and a bandage under his nostrils, giving off major post-op vibes.

"New nose. Who dis?" he captioned the daring snapshot, showcasing his sense of humor even in the face of recovery.

Days later, Frankie ventured out in New York City, sporting his cast like a champ. Despite the swelling and bruising, his spirits remained high as he explored the city with his "new nose."

However, just when he thought the worst was over, Frankie's nose had other plans. As the doctor removed the cast, his nose decided to swell up like a balloon, sending him into a slight panic mode.

"It just blew up like a balloon, which apparently is supposed to happen, but I'm freaking out a teeny bit," he shared on his Instagram Stories, giving followers a glimpse into the rollercoaster of post-surgery emotions.

Despite the unexpected turn, Frankie remained optimistic, gearing up for the "un-swelling process" once again. His excitement for the big reveal overshadowed any temporary setbacks, showcasing his resilience and positive outlook.

Frankie and Ariana, known for their tight-knit bond, have always been each other's biggest cheerleaders. From supporting sobriety journeys to celebrating career milestones, these siblings exemplify unwavering support and love.

On National Siblings Day, Frankie poured his heart out, praising Ariana as the "BEST sister in the world." His heartfelt message resonated with fans, highlighting the deep connection and admiration between the two.

Ariana reciprocated the love, expressing her affection for her brother in a sweet reply. Their bond goes beyond fame and fortune, showcasing a genuine sibling relationship that fans adore.

As Frankie navigates the ups and downs of post-surgery recovery, one thing is clear – with Ariana by his side, laughter and love will always prevail. Cheers to the Grande siblings for reminding us that humor and heart go hand in hand!

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