The Untold Truth Of Lara Spencer
Oct 13 2019
For decades, this veteran newscaster and Good Morning America personality has been reporting the headlines. But she became one in 2019, when her commentary on Prince George's education sparked intense global backlash. But there's more to her story than a viral scandal. This is the untold truth of Lara Spencer.

Spencer made quite the splash in 2017. According to People magazine, the then 49-year-old GMA co-host was vacationing with family when she shared a pic of herself on Instagram. The response to her washboard abs was a mixture of amazement and confusion, but it turns out Spencer has been in great shape for most of her adult life, thanks to having taken up diving way back in high school. She told Marie Claire,

"Looking back, I realize that putting yourself out there, literally, on the edge of the platform is very similar to doing live TV. It's taking the plunge and knowing, with lots of practice, it'll work out fine."

She went to Penn State on an athletic scholarship, where she was named an All-American Athlete, graduating in 1991.

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A penchant for success | 0:20

Did she sit in Donald Trump's lap? | 1:07

A royal controversy | 2:03

Is her GMA career on thin ice? | 3:51

GMA staffers pass on Spencer | 4:39

A secret feud | 5:22

A New York Times bestseller | 6:27

She's on HGTV, too | 7:35

The victim of a branding scam | 8:30

Body-shamers attack her legs | 9:27

A divorce after 15 years | 10:39

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