Here's What Life Is Like For The Infamous Gotti Family Now
Oct 16 2019
Throughout the '80s, organized crime leader John Gotti was known for his bombastic personality and his role as head of the infamous Gambino crime family. But even after Gotti died in jail in 2002, his offspring have gained notoriety of their own. Here's a look at what life is like for the Gotti family now.

Gotti's oldest son, John Gotti Jr., initially followed in his father's footsteps.

According to the New York Times, in 1999, Jr. was found guilty of various mob-related crimes and sentenced to prison. After his 2004 release, he faced four separate trials on racketeering charges, though he was never found guilty. By 2010, he claimed that he'd made the decision to quote leave "the life" during his first stint in prison.

Lately, Jr. has been focused squarely on legitimate income streams. He released a book, Shadow of My Father, in 2015, and reportedly served as an advisor on the 2017 biopic Gotti.

Jr. now lives in Long Island with his wife and six children. And as of 2018, he was working on a book and film project called Witsec Mafia, aimed at rooting out crime and corruption in the Witness Relocation program.

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