What Emma From Friends Looks Like These Days
Oct 20 2019
Ready to feel really, really old? As of 2019, Friends has been off the air for 15 years. That means Ross and Rachel's baby Emma isn't a baby anymore. And the actresses who played her are 17 years old.

While Hollywood still keeps tabs on the rest of the Friends gang, Noelle and Cali Sheldon have drifted into relative obscurity after starring as Emma. Quite a feat, considering that Today reported that 15 million viewers tuned in for each season of Friends, but in syndication, and streaming, the show draws 16 million weekly viewers.

It's time we caught up with the artists formerly known as little Emma.

By the time Friends wrapped, Noelle and Cali weren't even two years old. And while they know they starred in one of the most popular TV shows of all time, the girls don't recall any of it. Cali told Bustle,

"I don't remember anything about being on the show, but I've seen the pictures."

Thankfully, their mom, Gretchen Carpenter, remembers everything, telling the site,

"Everyone was really, really nice to Noelle and Cali, and treated them like little princesses on the set. Friends filmed before a live audience, and Cali and Noelle would come out, and they would be waving and engaging with the live audience."

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No precious memories | 0:39

A rite of passage | 1:14

Staying grounded in Tinseltown | 1:51

Cali's big plans | 2:22

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