The problem with the endangered species list
Oct 21 2019
When are we done protecting the gray wolf?

When European settlers first came to America they were set on “civilizing” the land. This meant a lot of rash, sweeping changes — one of which was to eradicate a familiar target: the gray wolf. Bounties were placed on the animal across the US. By the1930s, the once plentiful wolf population was decimated.

Decades later, restorations efforts have led to an extensive recovery of the animal. The Fish and Wildlife Service thinks we’ve done enough, but conservationists say our work is far from done. Check out the video above to learn more.

You can read the Vox article on this topic here:

You can find the Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposal to delist the gray wolf here:

And the response letter from scientists and scholars can be found here:

Studies on what removing protections can mean:

For more information on wolves we didn’t have time to get to in the video, check out the links below:

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