Kaley Cuoco's Marriage Has Gone Beyond The Realm Of Weird
Nov 11 2019
Kaley Cuoco gave love another shot after her divorce from Ryan Sweeting when she met professional equestrian, Karl Cook. This lovey-dovey duo is absolutely smitten, but at times, their relationship has gotten more than a little weird. Here's the scoop.

Karl and Kaley's engagement on Kaley's birthday in November 2017 was one for the books. But just hours before it all went down, Cook teased his then-girlfriend during a trip to Target. He captured the moment on Instagram writing:

"On my [love's] birthday I got her everything she has always wanted. […] Now judging by her face maybe not. It's the thought that counts, right."

Cuoco was none too pleased by the lowkey proposal. Luckily things changed just hours later when he officially asked her to be his wife.

Before tying the knot, engaged couples often bond and get in some major retail therapy together by creating their wedding registry ... unless you're Cuoco and Cook, of course.

As the second highest-paid TV actress, it's likely Cuoco has every gadget and kitchen appliance ever made. And Cook isn't chopped liver either. According to Yahoo!, his mom launched a software company in 1982. And his dad founded Intuit finance in '83, and has an estimated net worth of $4 billion, according to Forbes.

So in lieu of wedding gifts, Cook asked guests to bring donations for an animal rescue organization called Paw Works.

Later, Cuoco posted:

"Wow did everyone come through!!! Unbelievable donations and gifts for our 4 legged friends. Thank you to everyone, what an incredible turnout! We feel so blessed and happy!!"

Watch the video for more about how Kaley Cuoco's marriage has gone beyond the realm of weird!

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