Jim Carrey vs. Adam Sandler | Rotten Tomatoes
Feb 12 2020
Alllllrighty then, comedy fans: It’s time for the ultimate battle of ‘Former TV Sketch-Show Actors Who Became Massive Comedy Stars In the 1990s And Sometimes Also Show They Can Do Drama.’ That’s right, we’re pitting the Pet Detective against the Waterboy, the Cable Guy against the Wedding Singer, the Man on the Moon against the…er… Big Daddy: It’s Jim Carrey vs. Adam Sandler. The reason? Well, both men are on something of a roll at the moment, with Carrey returning to the big screen in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ and the small screen in ‘Kidding,’ and Sandler just picking up a win at the Indie Spirit Awards for ‘Uncut Gems.’ But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for either men. Here, they go to battle across four rounds that include box office, Tomatometer, and more fun criteria, as we decide who is the ultimate funny guy. Don’t agree with our verdict? Let us know in the comments.

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