The case for Pete Buttigieg
Feb 27 2020
What’s the case for a President Mayor Pete?

This video is one of a series in which Vox writers argue the cases for the leading Democratic candidates in the 2020 election. (Vox does not endorse individual candidates.)

If he wins the Democratic nomination and the 2020 election, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg would be the youngest US president ever. And at 38 years old, his age puts him in good company with many of the Democrats’ recent successful nominees: Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, and Bill Clinton.

But as Vox’s Dylan Matthews argues, that’s not Mayor Pete’s only similarity with recent Democratic presidents. Like Obama and Clinton before him, Buttigieg has a way of describing traditionally liberal ideas, like expanded access to health care and higher taxes on the wealthy, in a way that appeals to voters who don’t necessarily identify as liberals.

So: What kind of president would Pete Buttigieg be? What makes him different from the other candidates in the race? And what would his advantage be in a general election against Donald Trump?

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