The case for Joe Biden
Feb 27 2020
It comes down to where the people who love him are.

This video is one of a series in which Vox writers argue the cases for the leading Democratic candidates in the 2020 election. (Vox does not endorse individual candidates.)

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been a familiar face in American politics for decades. And he’s built his long career on personal relationships — relationships with fellow Democrats, but also with Republicans. More than any other candidate in this race, Biden’s campaign is defined by his belief that consensus among the parties isn’t only possible. It’s preferable.

It’s an outlook shaped by Biden’s past experiences, and in an election defined by competing visions of the future, Biden’s nostalgic style stands out. But Vox’s Laura McGann argues that the case for Biden is all about where, and with whom, that moderate, nostalgic message will resonate. Because if you look to the election that won Democrats the House of Representatives in 2018, the message that drove that victory looks a lot like Biden’s.

So: What is that message exactly? What are Joe Biden's politics? And why are so many people convinced he can beat Donald Trump?

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