I'm A Real Life Space Goblin I HOOKED ON THE LOOK
Apr 01 2020
A TEENAGER is wowing onlookers online with her unique looks - including donning a full face of Shrek-esque green make-up to transform into a goblin. Alice Caron, 19, from Lyon, France, has patented an ultra-colourful style that mixes cyberpunk, fantasy, Harajuku and gothic. Alice has found love with boyfriend Nicolas, 26, who adores her out-there look despite opting for more conservative clothes himself. The rainbow-hued teen has been on the receiving end of bullying because of her striking style choices, but Alice says she is committed to showing the world that fashion should not be defined by rules. In this film we see Alice transform from make-up free to full-on space goblin and spend time with her boyfriend at home. The couple attract attention as they go for a stroll through Lyon's old town, then meet up with a large group of Alice's friends at one of the regular meet-ups she organises for alternative style enthusiasts in her city.

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