The Untold Truth Of Camila Mendes
May 07 2020
Camila Mendes is Veronica Lodge, at least for Riverdale fans. But there's more to Mendes than just her teen character. The actress is only getting started, but already there's a lot more to the starlet than what meets the eye. This is the untold truth of Camila Mendes.

Before she would go on to play Veronica in Riverdale, Camila Mendes got a taste for acting early on. As the actress told Los Angeles Confidential in an interview, in the third grade, she was cast in a production of The Turkeys Go on Strike, acting in the role of a fruit.

"I was a cranberry and I had my own solo song. Actually... no. I had a duet. It was a duet. I'm getting carried away."

Even back then, the burgeoning performer was eager to be taken seriously. She admitted,

"I was really committed to the choice and to the emotion, and to being a really sad cranberry. The audience was laughing, and I started to get a kick out of it, realizing, 'People enjoy this.'"

According to the actress, her mother noticed her keen sense of playing to an eager crowd and quickly enrolled her in a private school with a strong arts program. By senior year, Mendes was headed for New York City. Keep watching to learn The Untold Truth Of Camila Mendes!


She started as a cranberry | 0:20

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Ashley Graham inspired her | 1:50

She got professional help for dieting | 2:30

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She's not a brand | 4:20

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