Jodie Comer Reveals The Classism She's Faced & Her Battle With Imposter Syndrome | GLAMOUR UK
Jun 25 2020
Jodie Comer opens up about the classism she has experienced in auditions due to her scouse accent in the latest episode of GLAMOUR UNFILTERED, hosted by @joshsmithhosts. The Killing Eve Emmy Award-winning actress reveals she has 'imposter syndrome' and still believes its all, 'going to be taken away. 'Jodie also gets honest about dealing with rejection, 'you may go to 30-40 auditions before you get a yes,' and how she's built her self esteem on her own terms. In her own words, 'I don't want to be anyone's milky cup of tea!' Do you love Jodie as much as us, let us know in the comments below...

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