The Truth About HGTV's Masters Of Flip
Jul 15 2020
HGTV's Masters of Flip debuted in 2015, following Nashville spouses Kortney and Dave Wilson as they transformed run-down wrecks into jaw-dropping dream homes. But ever since their shocking separation in 2019, fans have been wondering about the couple's real story. Here's the truth about Masters of Flip.

Show hosts Dave and Kortney Wilson met while she was living in Nashville and he was based in London, both pursuing their dreams of becoming music stars. Kortney told the National Post,

"Dave was living in London, England and was literally here for two weeks on a writing vacation. We met through a mutual friend and I called my parents a month later to tell them I'd fallen in love."

Dave felt the same, adding,

"I called my band and said I'm not coming back to London. And the rest is history. We became roommates and then we got married and had three children shortly thereafter."

Music has always been a passion for the Wilsons, even though it's no longer their primary focus. Kortney revealed to The Tennessean,

"We are so in love with this town and passionate about the opportunity we have to transform homes here. What initially drew us to Nashville was the incredible and diverse music scene, since we are musicians, too. Now, we are smitten with the homes and real estate landscape here." Keep watching to learn The Truth About HGTV's Masters Of Flip!

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Musical beginnings | 0:00

Renos and record deals | 1:22

Starting out on soaps | 2:17

Canadian roots | 3:06

Not their first rodeo | 4:01

Getting flipped | 4:54

Hot property | 5:23

Bring on the waterworks | 6:17

Deciding to adopt | 6:59

Home sweet homeschool | 7:35

Published authors | 8:28

Master bed to...a closet? | 9:13

Launching their new show | 10:09

Calling it quits | 10:45

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