Every Time Meghan Markle Tried To Be Princess Diana
Aug 25 2020
Do You Think Meghan Markle Will Have The Same Path As Princess Diana?

If you ever wondered if Prince Harry had a type, it would clearly be someone like his mother, Princess Diana. That’s right, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex is essentially Harry’s late mother, the Princess of Wales. They do often say men are apt to marry their mothers. Not only do Meghan and Diana have Prince Harry in common, Meghan often channels her late mother-in-law's incredible sense of style at events, wearing similar, but updated pieces, while also honoring her with some strategic jewelry pieces. Meghan, like Diana, is very much involved in charity work with a strong devotion to helping those less fortunate. Kensington Palace made sure to remind us that Meghan was very much involved in giving back before she started dating the Prince. And the similarities as to why Meghan Markle is Princess Diana don’t end there. Meghan, like Diana, is breaking free from Royal tradition, constantly doing things her own way and continuing to live the life she wants to live versus the one she should be living under Royal rule. Meghan Markle is someone who Royal watchers have different opinions on, but one opinion that is unanimous is her likeness to Princess Di in personality, humanitarianism, and style game.

Written by: Melissa L

Narrated by: Carmen S.

Edited by: *Fabián T

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