What Happened To These Couples After Big Brother
Sep 22 2020
Big Brother is one of the biggest shows in the reality television world. What doesn't come as a surprise is just how many romantic couples have resulted from this series. But very few relationships made inside the house survive in real life. Here's what the most memorable couples are doing now.

Chris "Swaggy C" Williams and Bayleigh Dayton hit it off quick during Big Brother 20. The two quickly appealed to fans and soon "Swayleigh" was a favorite.

Unfortunately, Swaggy was booted in the second live eviction and would have to wait another few weeks to be reunited with Dayton. Swaggy took that time to meet Dayton's parents and spent much of the 2018 summer with her. This all culminated with a heartfelt proposal at the season finale.

The two were officially married in February 2019, and, these days, they seem to be living the fairy tale romance.

Dayton suffered a tragic miscarriage in the jury house, but she says that Swaggy's support was everything.

Despite already being legally married, the two promise a full-blown wedding. Keep watching to see What Happened To These Couples After Big Brother!

Swaggy and Bayleigh | 0:00

Cody and Jessica | 1:16

Paulie and Zakiyah | 2:15

McCrae and Amanda | 2:57

Brendon and Rachel | 3:49

Jeff and Jordan | 4:27

Nicole and Victor | 5:19

GinaMarie and Nick | 5:55

Will and Janelle | 6:54

Drew and Diane | 7:45

Austin and Liz | 8:32

Dominic and Daniele | 9:27

Clay and Shelli | 10:05

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