25 Celebrities Who Had Babies During A Pandemic
Sep 24 2020
We're Definitely In A Different Time But We're So Excited For These Celebrity Mamas

Normal pregnancy is hard enough. Carrying a baby to term is not easy. Things get more complicated amidst the pandemic. New rules and restrictions are affecting the birth of celebrity babies. Most, like Ed Sheeran and Lea Michele are just thankful everyone is safe and healthy. Some celebrities are taking extra precautions to protect themselves and their little ones. Sophie Turner was careful to who she came in contact with. Nikki Bella of the Bella Twins wore a mask during delivery and Ciara wore a mask quickly after delivery. Other celebrities are using the lockdown as a time away from the public eye. Iggy Azalea, Jessica Biel, Michelle Williams, and Jessica Chastain had secret births. Due to travel restrictions, Diplo wasn’t present at the live birth, while Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik welcomed their baby in New York. Katy Perry and American Ferrera used their platforms to encourage donations for other mothers. Some get help looking after their babies like Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt. Giving birth is not easy, and many had to do it alone. Celebrities like Jamie Otis and Richard Gere decided to have home birth. All in all, celebrity couples are very thankful for the work of frontline hospital workers.

Written by: Maria L.

Narrated by: Carmen S.

Edited by: Ajay Danny

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