The Strange Truth Behind The Biden Love Triangle
Oct 29 2020
Find Out What Really Happened In The Biden Family

Here’s something you don’t hear everyday - Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, had an affair with his brother’s widow - leading them to a relationship that helped them both heal.

Hunter, who’s had personal and professional struggles in the past became close with his brother’s widow, Hallie, after a trip to the Hamptons. The two were grieving Beau Biden’s passing and found comfort with each other.

According to a report, Hunter was recovering from a week of unruly behaviour in Los Angeles where he hit rock bottom. After moving out of his marital home, and failing to keep his life on track he started to become close to Hallie. While the two are no longer together, it seems they were able to help each other move on and have continued on their individual journeys.

Written by: Jenn Sanaise

Narrated by: Carmen S.

Edited by: Steven Sune

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