Celeb Nose Jobs That Completely Changed Their Looks
Nov 20 2020
Nobody's perfect. And even the stunning celeb set can find something to FaceTune for Instagram. While self-love may be the true answer to finding inner peace, the plastic surgery trend among the rich and famous just keeps gaining steam. For better or worse, these stars put their money where their nose was - and walked away with almost no regrets

No one's putting Baby in a corner - except maybe her nose job. Jennifer Grey burst onto the scene in 1986 with the iconic role of Baby Houseman, alongside Patrick Swayze, in Dirty Dancing. In many ways, the star's nose was her defining feature. It was a rebellion against the leagues of Hollywood starlets with perfectly sculpted profiles. Grey's nose was what made her stand out, but at the height of her career in '89, she went under the knife.

Grey has since been vocal about her dramatic rhinoplasty, which she claims ruined her career. According to the Mirror, she dubbed it the, quote, "nose job from hell." She said,

"I went into the ­operating room a ­celebrity and came out anonymous. I'll always be this once-famous actress nobody ­recognizes because of a nose job."

But even that didn't keep the actress from getting back to work. She went on to do series guest spots on Friends, Grey's Anatomy, and The Conners. And she even snagged a role in Amazon's short-lived '80s-themed comedy Red Oaks. She simply struggled to recreate the same success she had with Dirty Dancing.

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