The Most Expensive Outfits Tiffany Trump Has Ever Worn
Nov 21 2020
As the youngest of Donald Trump's daughters, Tiffany Trump has kept her style youthful yet traditional throughout her father's time in the Oval Office. But Tiffany has raised eyebrows with some of the high price tags on the items in her closet. Here are some of the most expensive items she's worn.

On October 22, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden went head to head for 2020's third presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee, and Trump's family came out to support him. Tiffany's presence was marked by her arrival in a tight black and white bandage dress which featured a square neckline, accessorized with an over-the-top Christian Dior handbag.

The bag, a small Dior book tote, retails for $3,000, and it's easily one of the priciest purses Tiffany has paired with an outfit. The debate itself inspired a lot of conversation, but Tiffany's oversized purse was also hard to ignore. Keep watching to learn about more of The Most Expensive Outfits Tiffany Trump Has Ever Worn!

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A $3,000 handbag | 0:00

Tiffany blue | 0:53

Pretty in pink | 1:37

An inaugural occasion | 2:49

A pair of patriotic shoes | 3:26

All that glitters... | 4:12

A Swarovski-covered purse | 4:58

Something borrowed, something new | 5:49

A patriotic dress | 6:35

Red soles, high price | 7:20

Straight off the runway | 8:04

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