Sad And Tragic Things Revealed About Prince Harry
Nov 21 2020
While Prince Harry has always lived in the lap of luxury, he's actually experienced his fair share of darkness as well. If you're curious to learn some heartbreaking details about Prince Harry, here are some of this royal's most tragic experiences.

While life as a royal comes with unthinkable wealth and privilege, it also requires dealing with the almost daily barrage of the press. Ever since Prince Harry was a child, he's had to put up with overly inquisitive reporters and undeniably intrusive photographers.

In fact, the paparazzi have been a thorn in the side of the royal family for decades. As Town and Country reported in 2020, a television program entitled Lucy Worsley's Royal Photo Album delved into the troublesome nature of the British press for the royal family. Spoiler — it's a lot.

When it comes to Harry, members of the press have been known to use drones and helicopters to intrude upon his and his family's life. This was especially the case when Harry and Meghan Markle started dating, though he reportedly did everything in his power to hide from their intrusive lenses, according to Vanity Fair. Things got so bad that Harry eventually filed several lawsuits against the hounding press.

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