20 Memorable Gifts The Kardashian Jenners Got Each Other
Nov 21 2020
From Holograms To Lavish Vacations These Kar-Jenners Go Out Of Their Way For One Another

As the holidays roll around you might be thinking about what gifts to buy for your siblings or families. Just look to the Kardashians and the Jenner siblings for the best in luxurious gift giving inspiration.

This star-studded family is into going all out when it comes to giving elaborate and expensive gifts to each other for birthdays, holidays, special occasions and “just because”. From beach vacations to holograms to cars - these siblings know how to put a bow on it. Both Kylie and Kim are no stranger to amazon gifts from boyfriends. The kids, Stormi, True, and North are already well on their way to being part of the gift-giving circle.

Kris is one lucky mom with so many powerful and wealthy kids to give her the best mother’s day and birthday presents. What do you think the Kar-Jenners will be gifting each other for the 2020 holidays?

Written by: Laurie M.

Narrated by: Carmen Sandi

Edited by: Ajay Danny

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