My Plastic Surgery Obsession Doesn't Make Me A Bad Mum | My Extraordinary Family
Nov 26 2020
AN OnlyFans model has been branded a ‘bad mother’ for her plastic surgery obsession. Frances, 28, and Chris, 40, are judged for choosing to get cosmetic work as parents. They live in Leicester, England with their 19-month-old daughter Kendall. So far Frances’ obsession has cost her over £30,000. She’s had skin lasering, teeth whitening, and three nose jobs. She’s got her fourth booked next year in Turkey and she is planning a boob job in Ukraine. However, she hasn’t told her family about these plans yet, scared to do so from their negative reactions in the past. Frances told Truly: “My family always say ‘you need to focus on Kendall and stop getting surgery.’” Frances runs a successful OnlyFans account and this has put pressure on her to maintain her look. “It's demanding and pretty full-on," she said. “To keep the fans interested it's important to get plastic surgery, I’m 28 so nature's working against me.”

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