Revealing My Full Back Tattoo For The First Time | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
Nov 27 2020
32-YEAR-OLD Italian model, Youtuber and photographer Cristian aka 'Ombra' is 75% covered in tattoos. Getting his first tattoo at the young age of 13, Cristian has been obsessed with getting inked ever since. Starting at the arms and neck, he first tattooed parts of his face at 19 years old. But his most noticeable modification comes with his black-inked eyeballs. Ombra’s unusual look has gained him a successful career in the fashion industry. Now based in Milan, he was scouted by a modeling agency whilst living in London. Cristian explains that his tattoos and modifications are an important part of his modeling career. And he is not planning to stop modifying his body any time soon...

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