I Was Told I Look Like A 'Sexy Cow' | SHAKE MY BEAUTY
Nov 30 2020
WHEN a man approached Bailey and said: “You kinda look like a sexy cow”, she was left reeling. Bailey, 30, had started developing vitiligo at the age of 19 and struggled with self-image as it spread across her body and her face. But inspired by the model Winnie Harlow, Bailey, from Palmdale, California, shifted her perspective and began to feel beautiful because of her vitiligo. After getting creative with selfies across her social media, Bailey garnered attention from photographers and launched her modelling career. Bailey is proud of herself and her journey and wants to encourage others struggling with their own insecurities. Bailey told Truly: “One of the biggest parts of loving yourself is trusting yourself to step out and represent who you are not who society thinks you should be.”

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