This Is Why We Just Can't Quit These 1980s Movie Action Heroes
Jan 13 2021
What have some of the more beloved action stars from the 1980s been up to in recent years? Many of them have kept right on making awesome movies, of course. We just can't quit these tried-and-true '80s action heroes, and here's why.

Let's start with the source. Sylvester Stallone has had such a fortunate ride with the Rocky film franchise that he could have done only those films and been considered a success. He rode Rocky all the way to the bank, culminating in an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe win for his performance in Creed in 2016. Stallone acts, directs, writes, and produces, and his work is so prolific in Hollywood that he even appeared on The Muppet Show. After Rocky came Rambo, followed by dozens of other performances. Actors and actresses who appeared alongside him saw their careers skyrocket. Stallone is a Hollywood powerhouse, and he likes it that way.

If he has learned one lesson in filmmaking, it is "stick to what works!" In that vein, he is still, more than 30 years after Rocky first premiered, making both Rocky and Rambo movies. And The Expendables franchise is also a hit, though it will not likely see the longevity of the other two.

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