Madi Monroe Steals TikToker’s Boyfriend?! | Hollywire
Jan 13 2021
Is Madi Monroe trying to steal another TikToker’s boyfriend? TikToker iggyazealasmole is accusing Madi Monroe for trying to “f” her boyfriend. In her TikTok the girl faces her camera in glasses, as it appears her boyfriend is laying on her stomach. She added the text “Madi Monroe please stop trying to f$%k my boyfriend” with four nervous smile emojis. The girl then goes on to show her boyfriend’s Instagram where you can see Madi liked three of his photos and then slid into his DM's with a “hi :p.” People had a lot to say about this video. One follower who asked what we were all thinking, “bruh he should’ve said I have a girlfriend now his girlfriend looks hella insecure posting TikToks over liked photos.” What do you guys think?!

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