Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist: Alex Newell on Memories from Glee and Mo's Latest Season 2 Reveal
Jan 13 2021
I’ve been lucky enough to cover Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist a good deal, but I did miss out on talking to one key cast member during the show’s Season 1 run. Now, I’m beyond thrilled to fix that. Alex Newell was a major standout on the show as Mo, Zoey’s (Jane Levy) neighbor and good friend who’s always oozing with passion, energy and spot-on advice. As much as I love how Mo is written, Newell is effervescent in the role and it’s his next level talent in every department - comedic timing, cast chemistry, his incredible voice and then some - that’s key to Mo making such a significant impression and to being a character you just plain old can’t get enough of.

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