My Family Told Me Not To Tattoo My Face | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
Jan 22 2021
A MOTHER said her son “ruined” his appearance after using extreme body modifications to look like a demon. Flecha, 35, from Argentina, is obsessed with all things gothic and vampire-like. For most, this would manifest in small changes to their aesthetic, but Flecha has taken his passion to the extreme, determinedly making changes to his body for his ultimate goal - to look like a deadly creature. Flecha got his first tattoo aged 15, he has now lost count of the overall number of inks he’s had, instead, he calls it “one enormous tattoo.” His other body modifications include a split tongue, tattooed black eyes and pointed ears. At first, his family found his transformation difficult to accept. Flecha explained: “My mother when she saw that I was proceeding with the tattoos, every time more and more, she told me: ‘Please, tattoo whatever you want apart from the face!’”

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