Prince Harry Slams Social Media Dangers After Capitol Riots
Jan 23 2021
Prince Harry is opening up about the dangers of social media after the U.S. Capitol riots. In a new interview with “Fast Company,” the Duke of Sussex took issue with how social media played a role in the violent attack at the U.S Capitol building on Jan. 6 as Congress certified President Joe Biden’s electoral college win. “We have seen time and again what happens when the real-world cost of misinformation is disregarded. There is no way to downplay this. There was a literal attack on democracy in the United States, organized on social media, which is an issue of violent extremism,” he told the outlet. The 36-year-old also got candid about the online harassment he and Meghan Markle have faced throughout their relationship in the wake of false tabloid stories. “I was really surprised to witness how my story had been told one way, my wife's story had been told one way, and then our union sparked something that made the telling of that story very different,” he told the magazine.

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