Eddie Hall Beasts Beer Lover | SPORTbible | BEASTED
Jan 26 2021
In our brand new format with former World's Strongest Man, @Eddie 'The Beast' Hall . Each week, an average guy just like you and me will be getting training, nutrition and life tips from Eddie and his team of fitness gurus.

Each week a new person comes to Eddie and his team looking for help. They’re down on their luck, out of shape and in need of some no-nonsense advice.

After undergoing a ‘Beasting’ they’re given a bespoke exercise plan and diet to follow for six weeks. It’s not pretty.

Eat. Work. Lift. Eat. Work. Lift. Eat. Work. Lift. You get the idea.

This process is designed to test them to their limits, physically and mentally. Complete the programme and they’ll transform their lives.

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