Here's What Lizzo Typically Eats In A Day
Jan 27 2021
Lizzo is a role model for body positivity — the kind of endlessly confident woman who isn't afraid to flaunt her curves and who unashamedly loves herself. Lizzo is even open about her diet. Here's a look at what the Grammy-winning artist eats in a typical day.

Although Lizzo harbored dreams of being paid to eat out at her favorite restaurants, she was always destined to be in music. As she told The Cut in February 2019, back in the early days of her career, after dropping out of college to pursue her passion full time, Lizzo would frequently sleep in her car. Joining her first band offered a floor to sleep on at least, usually in their rehearsal space or at the drummer's house.

And, if Lizzo happened to show up around dinnertime, even better.

She said in the interview,

"I'd be like, 'Hey, come hang out! You got some food? Let's kick it!'"

Lizzo was a vegetarian at the time, so if the group was having chicken and rice, she'd eat just the rice — even if it was soaked in chicken juice.

She joked about it, saying,

"I was like, 'I'm too broke to have morals."

Later, Lizzo's career took off. She released her debut album, Lizzobangers, in 2013.

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A "broke" vegetarian | 0:00

Her favorite food | 1:12

Whataburger | 1:50

Being vegan feels "lit" | 2:38

Starting with a smoothie | 3:10

A light lunch | 3:48

Ditching the chips | 4:24

She still enjoys dessert | 4:58

Hangover foods | 5:36

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