Strange Facts Everyone Just Ignores About Princess Diana
Feb 25 2021
In the Netflix hit The Crown, there are a few facts that are left out of Princess Diana's story and some of them are too strange to not be talked about. Here are some of the strangest facts about Princess Diana.

As The Crown alluded to in season 4, Princess Diana's older sister, Sarah Spencer, did actually date Prince Charles several years before Diana caught his attention. According to Sarah Bradford, author of Diana: Finally, the Complete Story, the couple seemed like a good match at the time.

"Prince Charles enjoyed Sarah's sparkiness and irreverent wit, and they made each other laugh".

The relationship is said to have fizzled out after Sarah gave a rather shocking interview in which she claimed she wouldn't marry the royal. However, it was thanks to this relationship that Diana and Charles first crossed paths. According to the Daily Times, Diana first met the prince in a ploughed field in 1977 when she was just 16.

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