I'm Covered In Tattoos - Will My GF's Mom Accept Me? | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
Mar 04 2021
ETHAN Bramble 24, from Australia, is covered head to toe in tattoos - and now he's confronting his girlfriend’s 'conservative' mother about the way he looks. He has previously filmed with Truly, when he was the “world’s most modified youth”, with extreme modifications including a split tongue, tattooed eyes and removal of his belly button. Since then, he has continued his tattoo journey and has taken on more responsibility in his life. He has a baby on the way with his girlfriend Meg and they are purchasing their first home together. Despite their excitement for the next chapter in their lives, they have faced hurdles along the way. And Meg’s mother Adele first had doubts about their relationship because of the way Ethan looked..

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