Taking Snake Bites for Jesus
Apr 08 2021
21-year-old David Orin has gone viral by posting videos of him wrestling with pythons, willingly getting bitten on the face, and fearlessly flirting with venomous vipers. But, if you keep swiping, you will also see posts of David preaching the gospel, encouraging others to follow Christ, and condemning the sin of masturbation. As an amateur herper, a discipline rooted in biology & behavioral science, and a fiercely passionate fundamentalist Christian, David walks a fine line between two communities we often see as at odds. However, he feels like he can reconcile the two, with his love for God fueling his appreciation for all of His creations. There are plenty of Christian influencers out there, as well as plenty of herper accounts, but he’s the only one fusing the two, and people just can’t get enough. However, it’s not all snakes & sunshine - David is often criticized online for his lack of formal training and somewhat cavalier approach to the hobby.

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